Custom and OEM Optics
We offer optical manufacturing services to satisfy customers with very demanding specifications as well as customers with high volume applications where unit cost is a high priority. We build-from-print and work with you from prototype through high volume. Quality is guaranteed and you will receive a test report with all deliveries to check 100% alignment with your specifications. To date we have never had an order returned.

Substrate Materials from UV to LWIR

UV   : Fused Silica, CaF2, MgF2
VIS  : BK-7, Quartz
IR    : sapphire, silicon, CaF2, ZnSe, Ge

Dimensions and Tolerances

Sizes: 2 mm to 300 mm
Optical plate diameters cut up to 133 mm
Diamond drilling of apertures from 2 mm to 50 mm
Surface flatness up to lambda/10
Spherical grinding treatment for diameters up to 200 mm
Optics and Coatings

Lenses    : aspheres, spheres, cylindrical, miniscus
Prisms    : Right angle, porro, corner cube, Littrow
Mirrors     : plane, concave, convex, metal
Windows : wedges, flats
Coatings  : anti-reflective, reflective/transmissive, highly reflective

General Capabilities and Quality Assurance

MIL and ISO certified products Full metrology testing lab Test report and material cert with all orders Quality guaraneteed!

Free review of your custom optics project
Rapid quote back against your prints, volume, and specifications
Alignment check prior to start of production
Full test report and material certification with every shipment
Weekly updates on shipping status
Quality guaranteed

Contact us to review and quote your project